Houseplants that Twitter

Posted: January 17, 2012

How many plants have you accidentally sent to their death? The concept of dumping water in dirt seems like an easy one to master, but the recipients can be so finicky. Some want lots to drink, some just a sip; some guzzle it in a day or two, others take a week to get thirsty again. And when you don't give them exactly what they want when they want it, they pout and sulk and threaten to kill themselves like small children. If only they could just TELL YOU what they hell they need! Botanicalls kits extend the messaging power of Twitter to your houseplants.

Using a sensory and transmission device embedded in potted soil, plants access their own Twitter accounts to let you know when and how badly they need water, if they’ve been over-watered, and current moisture levels. To boot, when they’re satiated and happy, they use their social media to spread messages of joy and appreciation.

The downside? In addition to the leafy motherboard, Botanicalls kits come with 23 parts, and 19 steps for assembly, some of which include soldering and manipulating tiny pieces of electrical hardware with pliers. They look like an IKEA undertaking x 1000, but if you’ve got the patience and know-how, or are able to bribe a techie who does, your days of parched ferns and wilted orchids are over.

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