Eggling Crack & Grow Plants

Posted: March 26, 2014
Eggling Crack & Grow Plants
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Egglings are kind of a weird mash of concepts. Like, an egg is supposed to be a womb for growth, but if you crack it before the growth cycle is complete you don't get life, you get breakfast. With this egg though, if you don't crack it, nothing will grow; in fact, its contents will probably die. And also, its contents aren't a baby chicken, they're parsley and petunias. Or some other plant for sitting on your windowsill and watching bizarrely spring to life from the shell of an egg. See? Weird.

Oh wait. I just read Egglings were created in Japan. Now their weirdness makes perfect sense.

Behind the Wizard's curtain, you'll find that while Eggling Crack & Grow plants do contain real plants, their containers are not real eggs. Just white bisque housings crafted to look and feel like an XL bun from the chicken's oven. Upon receipt, hack off their tops and add some water to the peat mixture and seeds already inside. Within a couple days, you should see the sprouts of your poultry garden start to poke through.

Egglings come in 11 different varieties of herbs and flowers, including mint, basil, parsley, spicy red pepper, lavender, wild strawberry, petunia, sunflower, phlox, chrysanthemum, and daisy. They also include a terra cotta tray for upright display. However, I highly advise anyone who buys an Eggling to transfer it to one of these Sir Egg the Knight cups. Crack & Grow plant peat mixtures contain enough nutrients for in-shell cultivation for up to 5 months. If yours doesn't die in that interim, you can ultimately transfer it to soil.

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