Dinosaur Planters

By: on July 20, 2012
  • Styracosaur Planter with Included Echeveria Lola Succulent
  • Styracosaur Planter - Front View
  • Triceratops Planter with Included Zebra Haworthia Succulent
  • Triceratops Planter - Front View
  • Apatosaurus Planter
  • Dinosaur Planter Color Choices
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These dinosaur planters spotlight a characteristic of the behemoth reptiles little-known to anyone but the world's leading paleontologists: dinos loooove toting around small succulents and cacti. (And I thought it was just tiny Italian men with their own video games.) Two of the three pictured non-lizards from the Cretaceous Period ship with their own flora, which buyers plant themselves, and the third ($15 instead of $20) arrives solo, but prepped to receive any 2" to 4" succulent or cactus. All planters come with drilled drainage holes, in a choice of about 10 hand-mixed colors.

The featured turquoise Styracosaurus--called Betty by its artists, but probably desperate for a moniker and gender shake-up--includes a 2.5" Echeveria Lola Succulent, plus planting and watering instructions. It measures 10" long x 5" tall. Max--now that's more like it--the marine blue Triceratops houses a 2.5" Haworthia Succulent, and measures 10" long x 4.5" tall. Zoe the avocado Apatosaurus...seriously, am I the only one who's never heard of an Apatosaurus? Or a Styracosaurus, for that matter? I swear, we learned about the existence of maybe 6 dinosaurs when I was in elementary school, and now every time I turn around someone's tossing out the name of a brand new 8-syllable tongue-tormenter from 100 million years ago. Anyway, the Apatosaurus comes with no plant, and is 12" long x 6" tall.

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3D Chocolate T-Rex Mold

$19.99 from Amazon »

The 3D Chocolate T-Rex Mold brings together 4 fun activities, at least one of which everyone in the family's gonna enjoy: baking; building; dinosaur action figure playtime; and sending large quantities of chocolate straight...

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Meteorite & Dinosaur Bone Rings

$387 - $1,749 from Etsy »

If your special someone is really that special, you won't just give them a ring, you'll give them a ring from a bazillion years ago! A ring that symbolizes how grand, vast, and enduring your love is. A ring that proves...

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T-Rex Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

$45 from Amazon »

Good things, such as baby T-Rex dinosaur desktop toys, come to those who wait. Who wait, and who burn. Light the wick on this egg-shaped candle from The Creative Desk and experience the joy of hatching a new baby 65-million-year-old...

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Inflatable Dinosaur Costume


Giddyup, T-Rex! While I'm not so sure about the proportions of this inflatable dinosaur costume, what it lacks in mathematical accuracy it definitely makes up for in costume originality. Now riding into your Halloween...

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Leaf Plug N' Plant Cannabis Grow System

$1,500 from Leaf »

Marijuana is legal where I live (i.e., my bedroom) so why shouldn't I don my farmer's hat and experiment with growing my own? Especially now that sweet cannabis culinary gadgets like the Magical Butter and smart growing...

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BioVessel Living Countertop Composter

$199 from Uncommon Goods »

Worms in your food, infesting your kitchen - it's not such a bad thing when contained in the BioVessel. Dump your food scraps into this countertop-sized composter and the worm colony living inside will eat them up, poop...

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Life-Size Baby T-Rex Costume


Sometimes babies are born with disproportionately large body parts, which they subsequently grow into. Like dog paws and human eyes. No such luck for the baby T-Rex. Looks as if those little guys are stuck with midget...

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Mini Marimo Aquarium

$7.80 - $11.80 from Etsy »

Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop...

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Biopod Smart Microhabitat

$212 - $436 from Biopod »

Terrarium, aquarium, or herb garden. Grow flowers in the winter, or make a rainforest for your frogs. Read no complex manuals and acquire 0 new skills to learn how to do it. The Biopod is smart enough for the both of...

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Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

$59.95 from Amazon »

Oh boy, it's like a dinosaur mixed with a firefly mixed with that neat-o photosynthesis word I learned in middle school. Dino Pet, a compilation of living, bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates housed in an...

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Lamp Plants

$85 - $145 from Etsy »

Where the Red Fern Glows...you'll find Mariana Folberg's Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to...

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Mini Museum - Portable Curiosities Collection

$99 - $239 from mini museum »

It's not an oompa loompa, but a portable plaque of specimens ranging from a thread of circa 350 BC Egyptian mummy wrap to a sliver of T-Rex tooth is still rad enough for me to whine, "Mama! I want a Mini Museum! I want...