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By: on September 01, 2012
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Before me sits a plant. Usually in this scenario I think about how it's probably the last time I'm going to see the plant alive. Because what it comes down to is that I am much better at sitting around with my thumb up my ass than I am at painting it green and nourishing the flora of Mother Earth. But this plant, I hear, is different. This is a Click & Grow SmartPot plant.

Click & Grow is a self-contained, self-sufficient plant watering and fertilization system. At its mouth, the SmartPot houses standard leafy, flowering, and food-producing friends, from cockscomb and painted nettle to basil, thyme, and chili peppers. At its base, technology steps in. Electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump, a water reservoir, and software programmed with varietals' specific nourishment needs co-mingle to infuse the plants above with precise doses of water, fertilizer, and air. Zero gardening knowledge, and pretty much as little effort, on the part of the plant owner is required for the plant to flourish.

Included with each starter kit is a SmartPot and a plant cartridge, the latter of which holds seeds, nutrients, and the special software that will communicate to the pot how to grow the cartridge contents. Once merged, the pot and cartridge work together like a printer, with the cartridge beaming messages of what the plant needs, and the pot making the delivery per its requests. If a plant reaches the end of its life cycle, or your enjoyment of it, growing a new plant is as easy as swapping out cartridges.

Click & Grow starter kits come with a Busy Lizzy cartridge, and nearly everything else needed to begin the plant growth cycle. New owners will need only to add batteries and fill the water reservoir up to the indicated water level mark with 1 liter of good quality tap or bottled water. Human elbow grease remains minimal throughout the plant's serviceable life, though the water reservoir should be refilled every month or two, and the batteries replaced once a year. If the SmartPot is thirsty for more water, it will blink a blue light, and if battery power is low, it will flash red.

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Leaf Plug N' Plant Cannabis Grow System

$1,500 from Leaf »

Marijuana is legal where I live (i.e., my bedroom) so why shouldn't I don my farmer's hat and experiment with growing my own? Especially now that sweet cannabis culinary gadgets like the Magical Butter and smart growing...

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BioVessel Living Countertop Composter

$199 from Uncommon Goods »

Worms in your food, infesting your kitchen - it's not such a bad thing when contained in the BioVessel. Dump your food scraps into this countertop-sized composter and the worm colony living inside will eat them up, poop...

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Mini Marimo Aquarium

$7.80 - $11.80 from Etsy »

Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop...

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Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

$7.99 from Amazon »

This Cob Corn Stripper (not to be confused with a lady in a cornfield on a Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole) better work damn good, and without making a mess, because despite my rant last week about breaking up ground beef...

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Biopod Smart Microhabitat

$212 - $436 from Biopod »

Terrarium, aquarium, or herb garden. Grow flowers in the winter, or make a rainforest for your frogs. Read no complex manuals and acquire 0 new skills to learn how to do it. The Biopod is smart enough for the both of...

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Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

$59.95 from Amazon »

Oh boy, it's like a dinosaur mixed with a firefly mixed with that neat-o photosynthesis word I learned in middle school. Dino Pet, a compilation of living, bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates housed in an...

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Lamp Plants

$85 - $145 from Etsy »

Where the Red Fern Glows...you'll find Mariana Folberg's Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to...

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15-Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator

$79.80 from Amazon »

Not quite as good as tumbling your meat into diamonds, but way better than waiting 12 hours for it to marinate. The Chef's Elite 15-Minute Marinator uses a vacuum system and a (literal) drum roll to (literally) turn your...

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The Server Farm PC Case Grow Box

$695 from Think Leek »

But officer, where could I possibly be growing marijuana? As you can see, down here in my mama's basement it's just me, my dirty dishes collection, and my circa 1992 PC. I just finished a particularly exhilarating game...

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OGarden Rotating Indoor Plant Wheel

$1,397 from OGarden »

OGarden thinks your plants might like to take a ride on the ferris wheel too. This rotating indoor garden gives those of us without the space or climate conditions we'd need to grow our own food in a VegTrug outdoors...

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Grobo Indoor Garden

$899 from Grobo »

Grobo should be called Gromo. As is Gromo plants you can eat. Gromo plants that won't die. Gromo plants that Gromo all by themselves. But it's called Grobo, maybe short for grow box, maybe just a word its Canadian creators...

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Globe Terrarium Lamps

$380 - $460 from Richard Clarkson »

The amount of light Richard Clarkson's Globe handblown glass terrarium lamps provide looks to be a few watts shy of enough to keep you from embossing your foot with a LEGO brick after dark. But suspended from the ceiling...