Breaking Bad Terrarium

By: on March 17, 2013

Way to go, Walter White and meth heads, Breaking Bad has reached terrarium levels of popularity. Terrarium. I find that word difficult both to spell and to say aloud. Try it. Rough on the tongue, 'ey? Not very pleasant on the ears either when I really think about it, which I am because I have nothing better to do. Aquarium. Now that's a generally congenial word. But clutter it up with a couple more Rs and it becomes a guttural disaster. Would you like to know what I think about some other words? As in, the best and worst words in the English language? Sure you would.


  • Galoshes. Inarguably the greatest word ever to join phonemes.
  • Monkey. Inarguably the second greatest word to join phonemes.
  • Carabiner. I think girls should be named Carabiner.
  • Shazam. Explanation unnecessary.


  • Panties. Courtesy of my friend Cornelius. I don't love this word, but Cornelius F'ing hates it. Anyone who says it in his presence has to buy him a shot of Jager or accept an atomic wedgie.
  • Wart. Mostly because I cannot hear or see this word without thinking of that scene from Uncle Buck where John Candy throws a quarter at his niece's principal and tells her to take it, go downtown, and have a rat chew that thing off her face. RIP, John Candy.
  • Angina. I don't particularly like the word "vagina" either, but at least it represents something I do like. Angina is both hideous-sounding, and means you have coronary heart disease.

Breaking Bad flora fabricator extraordinaire Rachel, also responsible for this piece of Beetlejuice amazement, uses real moss and lichen in her terrariums--in this case varietals that, much like Heisenberg's haircut, require little water and care. The plants also sit in succulent and cactus-friendly soil for people who want to add some vegetation to the wreckage. The open globe is 11" tall and includes a hand-sculpted and painted miniature re-enactment of the series' famed first season opening sequence. Walter stands 1/4" tall and his RV 1/2" long. A shout out to Breaking Bad's breakout star, meth, comes in the form of blue sea glass lining the bottom of the terrarium.

Specific set inclusions: reindeer moss; lichen; a petrified mushroom; a small tree; stones; sand; sculptures; and instructions for assembly.

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Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

$22,100 from Ebay »

Worn, signed, and sweated upon by Bryan Cranston himself. Also mingled in: the DNA of Jimmy Fallon and Common, whom the Breaking Bad star let take a turn in this Landon Meier Hyperflesh Walter White mask at Comic-Con...

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Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

$29.99 from ThinkGeek »

Ah, the Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner. [Cue nostalgia.] Reminds me just how much I miss the Krystal Ship. I can't believe it's been 4 years since Heisenberg & Pinkman cooked their last batch. I hope things turn out better...

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Mini Marimo Aquarium

$7.80 - $11.80 from Etsy »

Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop...

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Breaking Bad Methopoly


Joanne Silverman loves meth. Just kidding. She loves Breaking Bad. I mean, I guess she might love meth too, but probably not because if she did it is unlikely she would have the wherewithal to conceive and create this...

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Biopod Smart Microhabitat

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Terrarium, aquarium, or herb garden. Grow flowers in the winter, or make a rainforest for your frogs. Read no complex manuals and acquire 0 new skills to learn how to do it. The Biopod is smart enough for the both of...

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Globe Terrarium Lamps

$380 - $460 from Richard Clarkson »

The amount of light Richard Clarkson's Globe handblown glass terrarium lamps provide looks to be a few watts shy of enough to keep you from embossing your foot with a LEGO brick after dark. But suspended from the ceiling...

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Breaking Bad Meth Lab

Sold Out from Citizen Brick »

Would LEGO ever produce and release a Breaking Bad Meth Lab? Probably not even if its CEO and Board of Directors were all required to inadvertently step on an errant brick once an hour, every hour of the day, every day...

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Live Pet Chinese Praying Mantis

Sold Out from Amazon »

The praying mantis. As fascinating and educational as a moon jelly, but even more fun to keep as a pet because it will "tolerate handling." Especially if you let it suck some of your blood....

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Grow Your Own Escargot Kit

$53.39 from Firebox.com »

Note: Converting them from snails to escargot is optional. You are welcome just to grow them and name them and keep them as snuggly (with a side of slime) pets. Otherwise: Attention kitchen magicians! If your bag of culinary...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Garden

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Do you have a (glow-in-the-dark, searing lime) green thumb? Do you want one? We can't promise this bioluminescent mushroom habitat kit comes with brownie recipes and resultant rainbow vision, but even without the magical...

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Let's Cook Heisenberg Cutting Boards

$30.90 from Etsy »

I won't tell you what you should and shouldn't use these fine Breaking Bad cutting boards for, but...you might want to stick to "Let's Cook"-ing actual food. Like, how about cleaving some birds for a nice Los Pollos Hermanos...

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Breaking Bad Blue Glass Meth Candy

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Let's preface this pimp of Danilo Buendia's Breaking Bad Blue Glass Meth Rock Candy with the obvious: rock candy is pretty easy to make oneself. Even Blue Glass rock candy. Certainly easier than Blue Glass meth, and probably...