The Ripple Rug Cat Play Mat

Posted: August 02, 2017
The Ripple Rug Cat Play Mat

With the Ripple Rug, when your cat gives you that look like, "Yeah, I just rolled in and scratched up and disheveled your shit. What're you gonna do about it, son?" you can just shrug and tell him, "Not a thing, Zanzibar. Carry on."

A multi-functional play mat for cats, the Ripple Rug says it dangles "all 5 pillars of a healthy feline environment" in front of kittehs to entice them onto - and under and through - it. So they'll be able to enjoy their daily cat-ivities with the Rug instead of with your furniture. Your toilet paper. Your keyboard while you're trying to work. A Ripple Rug provides cats with:

  • A safe haven
  • A predatory play space
  • An environment conducive to positive human interaction
  • A space sensitive to a cat's sense of smell
  • A a place to rest and recover

Cats can scratch, groom, pounce, and nap in the rug's ripples and tunnels on their own, or you can hide toys and treats like cat Go-Gurt in its folds to provide further entertainment.

The Ripple Rug is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Its base has a nonslip rubber bottom and measures a sizable 47" x 35", while the top sheet has lift-and-release touch points so you can reshape it into different play spaces as your cat exhausts the hiding and poking and stalking possibilities of a current configuration.

Ripple Rugs are non-toxic and mold-, mildew-, and stain-resistant. Wash them with soap and water. Fold them up and take them anywhere. Give one as a gift to a cat lover.

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