LumaTank - Edge Lit Fish Tank

Posted: February 17, 2013
LumaTank - Edge Lit Fish Tank
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Betta fish have all the luck. They enjoy a completely acceptable sedentary lifestyle of floating and feeding, they never have to share their personal space with other fish, and now, thanks to Rob Young and Denny Curtis of Red Laser Studios, they can live in the sickest crib of all aquarium dwellers. In their new series of LumaTanks, Young and Curtis laser cut and engrave 6" x 6" acrylic Betta dwellings in swell geometric patterns, and then edge light them with white or neon LEDs. The resultant effect: entrancing. Especially once the furniture and the tank's inhabitant move in.

Though generally considered the ornery curmudgeons of the aquarium world, and the last fish you'd expect to high-five their owners in thanks for settling them in a circus spectacle atmosphere, Bettas are actually the LumaTank's ideal residents. Their cantankerous nature makes them hardy--they can live at room temperature without a heater, aerator, or filter, and in terms of care, owners need only feed them and clean their tank once a week. The optimal pet for irresponsible children and lazy adults, LumaTanks ensure we'll get far more out these fish than we need put in.

Standard LumaTanks currently sell edged in white, blue, purple, or green LEDs. Young also includes an option for adding an RGB controller, which enables color changes or setting the lights to roll through spectral patterns. The laser engraving is also optional--choose from either 4 stock designs, or contact Divine Acrylics to discuss customizing a LumaTank with your own preferred image or logo. Purchases include a 14 oz. bag of colored glass accent stones.

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