DoyenCat Sushi Chef FunBox with Scratching Board

Posted: June 15, 2020
DoyenCat Sushi Chef FunBox with Scratching Board
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If your cat is the next Jiro Ono of sushi chefs, but he eats every single piece of hamachi and maguro sashimi he slices before giving you any, does he still deserve a DoyenCat Sushi Chef FunBox with scratching board floor?

If he's willing to stick his head in the hole and make viral Instagram faces like the cat in the photo above, then I'd say yes. Eat up, greedy Itamae!

DoyenWorld's cat FunBoxes and accompanying scratching boards are made from non-toxic corrugated cardboard. Purchases also come with catnip. Sushi knives and sushi boats sold separately.

Also, before purchasing a Sushi Chef FunBox, it is recommended that you ensure your cat has no existing beefs with other neighborhood cats. You wouldn't want to come home to this.

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