Dog Snowsuit

Posted: November 12, 2012
Dog Snowsuit
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For the dog: Italian greyhounds seem like fragile, sensitive creatures, so I'm going to let the fact that you're wearing a canine snowsuit with a 270-degree hood drawstringed tightly around your head in this photo slide without further comment.

On second thought, nope, sorry buddy, I can't do it.

Dude, even for a fairly wussy breed of dogs you look completely emasculated.. How can you put up with head-to-paw fleece without a revolt? Or at least taking off for a few days to show your owner you mean business? Aren't you guys supposed to be pretty speedy and inclined to run (and therefore in possession of high metabolisms and lean bodies that make you stand around shivering and prompting your owners to buy you ridiculous-looking snowsuits)? It's abundantly clear that you don't like being draped in textiles, evidenced by the tail tucked firmly between your legs in photo #3. And though I know you kind of have no choice, what with the suit-suctioning cord planted at your jugular and a decided lack of opposable thumbs, come on. Do something!

For the dog owners: Should you want to make sure your small companion gets the milk bones beaten out of him, er, stays warm this winter, check out Spoiled Bratzwear's very cozy 300 shearling velour fleece doggie snowsuit, custom made in several colors and styles for dogs up to 18 pounds. Just provide the Etsy shop with breed type, weight, and a few Fido part measurements, and a hand-tailored, stretchy snow romper--replete with underside opening for "potty breaks"--will be yours within 4 weeks.

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