Dog Snowsuit

By: on November 12, 2012
  • Dog Snowsuit
  • Dog Snowsuit
  • Dog Snowsuit
  • Dog Snowsuit
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For the dog: Italian greyhounds seem like fragile, sensitive creatures, so I'm going to let the fact that you're wearing a canine snowsuit with a 270-degree hood drawstringed tightly around your head in this photo slide without further comment.

On second thought, nope, sorry buddy, I can't do it.

Dude, even for a fairly wussy breed of dogs you look completely emasculated.. How can you put up with head-to-paw fleece without a revolt? Or at least taking off for a few days to show your owner you mean business? Aren't you guys supposed to be pretty speedy and inclined to run (and therefore in possession of high metabolisms and lean bodies that make you stand around shivering and prompting your owners to buy you ridiculous-looking snowsuits)? It's abundantly clear that you don't like being draped in textiles, evidenced by the tail tucked firmly between your legs in photo #3. And though I know you kind of have no choice, what with the suit-suctioning cord planted at your jugular and a decided lack of opposable thumbs, come on. Do something!

For the dog owners: Should you want to make sure your small companion gets the milk bones beaten out of him, er, stays warm this winter, check out Spoiled Bratzwear's very cozy 300 shearling velour fleece doggie snowsuit, custom made in several colors and styles for dogs up to 18 pounds. Just provide the Etsy shop with breed type, weight, and a few Fido part measurements, and a hand-tailored, stretchy snow romper--replete with underside opening for "potty breaks"--will be yours within 4 weeks.

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Shed Defender Dog Onesie

$39.99 - $61.99 from Amazon »

Will zipping your dog into a Shed Defender make him look like a canine fool? Sure. But no more so than putting him in pet samurai armor or an AT-AT costume for your personal viewing pleasure. And while the latter have...

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Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

$153.45 from Amazon »

The Snow Joe Ultra says it can throw up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, clearing up to 2,450 square feet per hour! Someone who isn't me is sure going to have fun clearing off the driveway and entry walk and sidewalk...

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No More Woof - Dog to Human Translator

$65 - $400 from No More Woof »

From the Nordic Society of Invention and Discovery--yes, that's a real society, not one made up by Wes Anderson--comes No More Woof, a device that lifts up the latest technology in micro computing and EEG, and plops it...

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Track N Go Wheel-Driven Track System

$25k from Track N Go »

When people ask me if I want to go snowshoeing I always say no because this activity usually involves walking. Often up a steep slope. In the snow. It's cold, labor-intensive, and there are no Playmates wearing nothing...

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The Dude Dog Sweater

$49 - $59 from Pendleton »

If The Dude were a dog, there's no question this Pendleton sweater is what he'd wear. But. What kind dog would he be while wearing it? St. Bernard? Shar-Pei? Scruffy hound dog?...

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Your Pet's Nose Ring

$284.99 from Etsy »

I'm all for loving your pet...and your pet's nose. But your pet's nose as a ring? Even if the sweet pup or kitty has moved on to taller trees and bigger litter boxes, I'm not sure wearing a sterling silver cast of their...

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Samurai Pet Armor for Cats & Dogs

Don't let that samurai-armored Shiba Inu's smile fool you. The dog is ready for feudal Japan levels of combat. See his samurai sword? Hiding there in his mouth? If I were you I'd armor up, find a weapon, and brace yourself....

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King Bed with Doggie Insert


Jason Barton made a king bed with enough room for the King of the Bed. Which means you'll be sleeping on a cut piece of memory foam stuck in the 23" insert tacked onto its side....

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Rain Shield

A 2012 red dot award winner for design concept, Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang's Rain Shield could make carrying an umbrella 1) somewhat stylish and 2) more than an exercise in futility. Its shield-like construction uses...

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Wooly Snuffle Foraging & Feeding Mat for Dogs

$49.95 from Amazon »

No, it's not a scalped Fraggle, it's the Wooly Snuffle Mat. Here to facilitate one and restrain another of your dog's instilled canine instincts with its shag-rug-on-acid pile....

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iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

$114.99 from Amazon »

iFetch isn't the first automatic ball launcher for dogs, but it's about half the cost of the Go Dog Go, and I am more partial to iFetch's video of the dancing Boston Terrier than I am to Go Dog Go's of the spastic Puggle....

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Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains

Sadly, you cannot install Insta-Chains on your Honda Fit for instant traction in snow and ice conditions; the whirling automatic tire chains are made only for large commercial vehicles. But if you're a professional truck...