Casper Dog Mattress

Posted: September 07, 2016
Casper Dog Mattress
$125 - $225
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Remember the Casper? Or should I say, the Hug & Bounce Mattress? Now your dog can get his game--and by game I mean 18 hours of sleep per day--on too with Casper's version Canine of their pressure-relieving memory and support foam mattress.

Unlike other dog mattress fabricators, who typically bring in crazy dog psychics and evil cats in disguise, Casper used the same engineers who designed their human sleep-sound products, plus some pooch-preference research, to create the Casper Dog Mattress. For example, your buddy will experience the same comfort and body-forming hug you feel when lying down on a Casper, but with the Dog Mattress' extra surface material, Bailey will also be able to do his instinctual dig-and-spin before popping a squat, mimicking the sensation of pawing at loose earth without damaging the bed.

Casper says their Dog Mattress also provides an area that will make your dog feel enclosed and safe. And if it doesn't, the bed's bonded microfibers are strong enough to handle the abuse and aggression he takes out on it as a result.

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