Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand

Posted: December 04, 2018
Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand
$71.74 - $93
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Just place and pump! The Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is kind of like a cross between a normal Christmas tree stand, an inflation device and The Claw game at the arcade. Except with the Tree Genie, you actually get the prize - attaching your tree to the stand in seconds, without having it fall over on top of you, or end up screwed in at the same angle as the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Every! Single! Time!

Krinner's Tree Genie stands come in several sizes, suitable for use indoors and out. All have the sweet "claw" tension cable contraption as their centerpiece, an invention that eliminates screwing, tightening, evening, adjusting, and cursing Santa and his stupid holiday props right to the South Pole. To attach your tree to the Tree Genie, set it on the spike in the center of the open stand, hold it straight, and pump the foot pedal on the side to close the claws around the trunk and secure it tight. A set of 5 stabilizer feet the extend from the bottom of the Tree Genie stand provided additional security.

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