The Slate Mobile LapDesk

Posted: December 18, 2015
The Slate Mobile LapDesk

From desktop to laptop, and from desk to LapDesk. The Slate supports both our need for mobility and our desire to just stay at home and make a butt dent in the couch with its go-anywhere functionality and sit-anywhere ergonomics. It also looks pretty rad. Like Connect Four with a pad to bang my head against when I lose.

The Slate is cut from a block of pure bamboo, a lightweight, extra-strong wood that will naturally absorb heat from your laptop. The drilled ventilation holes further encourage airflow and decrease the LapDesk's heft. It promotes a healthy posture and comfort during use with a thick, heavy-duty mousepad balanced to the right of the centered laptop area, and in the same proportions and positions you would have seated at a desk. Above the mousepad is an extended display dock for smartphones and mini tablets. The dock includes a cable slot for charging, and can fit nearly any phone or tablet in circulation.

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