The Cubes Geometric Structure Memory Foam Pillow

Posted: November 16, 2018
The Cubes Geometric Structure Memory Foam Pillow
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According to The Cubes, a memory foam pillow made with a geometric structure of 70 individual cubes, this is the sleep companion you need if:

  • You sleep in multiple different positions throughout the night.
  • You're a great big snorer.
  • You struggle with insomnia.
  • You desire sweet dreams. No joke. The Cubes actually says using their math wiz of a pillow will give you sweet dreams. And if the photos are to be believed, people with heads as dense as bowling balls will be glad to know The Cubes Pillow is made with your fat noggins in mind too!

The geometric structure of The Cubes memory foam pillow allows it more movement and adjustability even than a regular memory foam pillow that might be able to conform to the weight of your head and neck, but not really shift its own angles and "loft" to accommodate moving from your back to your side during the night. The Cubes calls its hinged structure, cut into both sides of the pillow's surface, 3D over 2D support, since each cube serves as an individual spring structure for absorbing pressure when depressed, and then bouncing back to its original shape when released.

Despite claims of suiting every sleeping position, I have my doubts that The Cubes would be very comfortable for 360-degree rotators like my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, when they try to do the stomach sleeping thing. She has 2 pillows in the bed she shifts between for back and side sleeping, and then just lies flat on the mattress when it's tummy time, typically discarding one of the pillows, forcefully, onto my head to get it out of the way.

Yeah, that's right. I just used my role as curator of The Cubes geometric pillow as an opportunity to call out my wife. What fun would this job be otherwise?

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