TechDen Screen Time Manager & Charger

Posted: June 16, 2019
TechDen Screen Time Manager & Charger
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TechDen. What a euphemism, kids! More like TechJail. This little apparatus gives your parents a way to lock up your phones and tablets, or - another euphemism, per TechDen - "manage screen time with a physical home." First they sent you to time out, now it's your iPad.

The TechDen combines with an app to create and notify device owners of usage schedules, and how much time they have left before the warden hauls them off. The Den also remotely locks and unlocks its doors to ensure there's no monkey business going on between the inmates and their friends on the outside.

The TechDen also serves as a charger, so at least while devices are banished to it they will get powered up. They system is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android phones.

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