Slow Rebound Lovers' Pillow

Posted: September 15, 2019
Slow Rebound Lovers' Pillow
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"Slow Rebound Lovers' Pillow." It sounds like a next-gen Liberator Wedge. Or some sort of consolation companion for the broken-hearted? But seeing the pillow for what it really is makes sense too: a domed memory foam headrest that provides a bunch of different ergonomic ways to sleep, in particular one to give cuddling lovers a place to put their bottom arms so they won't go dead and jack up the muscles in their shoulders and neck.

Of course, I'm sure you could figure out a way to incorporate the Slow Rebound Lovers' Pillow into the Liberator Wedge's suggested Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible too.

Despite its hollowed-out bottom, the Slow Rebound Lovers' Pillow is intended to be sturdy enough to support your head and neck from both back and side sleeping positions. If you like the face-down approach - for sleeping or otherwise - you can flip the pillow over and use it as a face cradle. Or stay face-up and use it as a concave rather than convex neck pillow. It works well for seated naptime on the airplane or at work too - place the pillow domed side up on a table or desk, and slide one or both of your arms underneath the contour.

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