Scooter Luggage

By: on October 01, 2013
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I don't know how practical zooming through the terminal atop my scooter-fitted carry-on would be in LAX or ATL, but the next time I get delayed by a snowstorm in Des Moines, drag racing with the courtesy transporters is on.

Micro Luggage integrates a kickboard into its wheeled carry-on design. When folded, the luggage functions conventionally as a hard-shelled Samsonite container users can pull along behind them. Activate interlock and connect dynotherms, though, and the suitcase's fiberglass-wood deck drops, handle converts from a means of pulling the bag to a means of holding on tight, and polyurethane wheels brace for smooth acceleration as the rider launches off his back foot, whooshes past all the suckers, and screams, Weeeeeee!