Sad Shop Greeting Cards

Posted: September 29, 2012
You Drink Too Much Greeting Card

Sad Shop Greeting Cards range from statements of the obvious ("You drink too much", "I am a tool") to offbeat, yet endearing assertions ("I like you and naps", "I do not like fun") to profound proclamations of human emotion ("Ho Ho Ho, Yo", "Holy Balls"). It never ceases to amaze me how much power can be packed into just a few words printed across 5" x 7" white card stock. Katie Davis' cards are all printed in bold red letters on the outside, with blank space to wax your own poetic on the inside. She makes them in small batches, and hand folds and packs each piece or set. Purchase four cards and get the fifth for free.

In and of themselves, Sad Shop Greeting Cards are pretty clever and whimsical, but their effect can of course be amplified if given to the right person. For example:

  • "I like you and cake." Fatty on a diet.
  • "I do not like jobs." Parents. But only if you're still living with them.
  • "You drink too much." Pregnant woman.
  • "Holy balls." Bi-lateral orchiectomy patient. Or Lance Armstrong. I hear he's a jerk anyway.
  • "40 is not old." 50-year-old.

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