Rabbit Charger Outlet Cover with Retractable Cord

Posted: July 26, 2018
Rabbit Charger Outlet Cover

The Rabbit Charger's Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning charging cable ears change and grow as you need them. The outlet cover, which screws over any existing standard duplex outlet, preserves one of your 3-prongs for continued use, but alters the other into a device charging station capable of charging 2 Android or iOS devices at once, up to 28" away from the Rabbit base with a retractable cord.

The Rabbit Charger's charging tips are swappable. It has a pair of built-in Micro USB tips, and comes with two more USB-C tips. You can purchase an Apple-certified Lightning tip to add to the mix for another $10 on your Rabbit Charger order.

Rabbit Charger says it can deliver 3.0 amps of power to each charging tip at once during use. Installation time takes less than a minute, and a single screw.

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