Quell - Wearable Pain Relief

By: on September 21, 2016
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I wonder if Quell would help the pain in my ass. No, I really have one. On the bottom of my left butt cheek when I sit for too long, kind of right where it...yeah, yeah, don't think you're the first to say that. People tell me all the time the pain that's manifested in my ass is karma for all the years I myself have been a pain in theirs. It's not that funny. And it's not very nice.


Quell is a wearable, app-controlled, drug-free pain relief device that slips into a sleeve and straps to the area just below your knee. FDA-cleared for use during the day and at night while sleeping (24 hours if you want) Quell says it can significantly lessen or eliminate chronic pain from most areas of the body while in use. Indications include back, arthritis, nerve, and leg / foot pain.

Quell uses OptiTherapy technology to stimulate nerves throughout the body, and block the pain signals they may be firing. Once clicked on, the device automatically adjusts its therapy and dose to achieve optimal relief. You can also Quell in conjunction with an iOS and Android app, starting and stopping therapy sessions when you want, and adjusting the intensity of the treatment according to what feels best. Quell will also track and store therapy sessions for review and mapping over time. It can track sleep trends as well to give further insight into pain causes and agitators, and ways to manage them.

The Quell control center is a thin plastic block that sits inside the leg band and interfaces with an electrode that adheres alongside it on the band's exterior. Electrodes are disposable and replaceable, each good for around 2 weeks of use. At least according to Quell. User reviews take issue with the electrodes' quality and serviceable life, and many have given the Quell lower ratings as a result. However, most reviewers report moderate to major pain relief, and offer suggestions on how to doctor the band and electrodes to make them function better and fit more comfortably.

The Quell Starter Kit comes with 1 x Quell device, 1 x wearable sports band, 2 x electrodes, 1 x charger cable, and 1 x charger adapter.

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