Pillo Home Health Robot

By: on August 04, 2016
$349 - $499
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Pillo. In a way it's like a head support to help the health-obsessed and hypochondriacs rest easy. More literally, Pillo is a desktop robot for the home you can task with managing and complementing your wellness. Pillo is designed to:

  • Answer health and wellness questions. Ask him about a medication, an illness, an injury, or a particular food and Pillo will sub in for your Google search. He'll also respond with information collected only from verified, up-to-date sources.
  • Connect you with healthcare professionals. In minutes. I don't see how this service can work, at least not without a subscription fee, but Pillo claims he can dial you into a live video stream with a doc or other health consultant without the hours of office waiting room time. Without even leaving your home.
  • Store, distribute, and remind you to take your pills. The robot has capacity for about 4 week's worth of meds, or 250 capsules. He'll spit them out on a schedule, and can send you (or a caregiver) push notifications on your phone to take them. If a prescription is running low, Pillo will also auto-renew it with your preferred pharmacy.
  • Recognize you by voice and face. So Pillo can keep personal conversations you have with him personal, and won't hand out vitamins and meds you store inside of him to the wrong person.
  • Sync with your wearables and other wireless devices so you can store and manage your health-related data from a single secure location.
  • Read more about Pillo, and pledge for your own home health robot on IndieGoGo through August 5, 2016.

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