Philips Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

By: on December 27, 2014
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I'll still probably want to Monkey Fist Philips' Wake-up Light to East Jesus when it begins its simulation of the sunrise at 10:30 each morning, but maybe the gradual brightening of my basement lair will remove some of the typical rage I feel as I'm doing it. This device stuffs endless ascents of the sun, ready to be called upon at any time of the day or night, into a desktop-sized alarm clock.

When set, the Wake-up Light begins to glow 30 minutes before your designated alarm time, and then increases in brightness until you're fully awash in "natural" yellow sunlight. Philips (and I guess science-y studies) believe this crescendo process stimulates the body to wake up comfortably and almost as if by choice. (However, if you have a rebellious body, the alarm clock also emits a gentle beep once the light hits full force.)

Now that we are fully secured in the straightjacket of winter, the Philips Wake-up Light could help with the "Up and at 'em" mentality for the large percentage of you required to get out of bed when it's still pitch black outside. It also might give some solace to those who don't anticipate seeing the sun at all again until next June. For your varying sensitivities to light, the sunrise simulator has 10 different intensity settings, going up to 200 lux.

Philips also makes next-level models of their Wake-up Light (HF3510 and HF3520) that include natural rise-and-shine sounds, such as chirping birds, a dusk simulation, and, in the case of the HF 3520, a colored sunrise simulation.

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