PenSimple - The Ultimate Grinder

Posted: January 21, 2017

PenSimple can't deliver a drop of ink to paper, but who cares? Once you use the portable herb grinder to dispense a round of green you're not going to have the focus or fine motor skills to write anything down anyway.

Part grinder, part storage vault the 7" PenSimple looks like a p--well, actually, it looks like some sort of tactical implement or self defense tool, but the general pen shape is there--for easy, inconspicuous carrying. Inside though, it holds over a gram of ground herbs, and using its (modular) grinder can pound and shoot them out even finer at the press of a button.

As a storage container, PenSimple says it will keep your herbs safe from both the elements and the scent hounds. And since you don't have to open it to access your goods, it could put an end to your days of spilled grinders, plus using 2 hands for the task, too.

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