Panamalar Smart Space Heater

Posted: March 08, 2019
Panamalar Smart Space Heater
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Oh I can hear my wife now: "Alexa! Turn on my Panamalar Smart Space Heater! Alexa! Hotter! Alexa! Hotter! Alexa! Please turn my home into an inferno!"

Cold hands, cold feet, cold wives and girlfriends can get smart (home) with Panamalar's portable, voice-controllable space heater. Small but mighty, the heater has two settings for 300W and 500W of output, both adjustable via the side of the machine, with your phone as remote control, or synced with a virtual assistant - either Amazon Echo or Google Home.

When turned on, Panamalar says their space heater takes only around 3 seconds to warm up the air around it, and is portable from office to home, and various rooms within, with a leather carry strap. Through the Panamalar app you can also set up timers to turn the heater on / off automatically.

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