Oon Building Blocks Power Strip

Posted: June 27, 2014
Oon Building Blocks Power Strip

I like the Oon power strip concept. Classy wood building blocks hiding the ugly two-prongs. They even get nostalgic, looking kinda like the building blocks I played with when I was a kid. The building blocks I played with, put in my mouth, and slobbered all over.... Hmmm. Best not to get an Oon if you have orally fixated young children.

Otherwise, the multi-outlet power cord would look pretty swell sticking out a little from behind the potted plant, or even displayed as part of the decor on a side table or entertainment center. The strip includes 3 electrical sockets that can flex and rotate to face any way they're needed. Another downside though: where's my third prong? While the hard maple, metal, and 6' cloth cord aesthetics are nice, the Oon is somewhat limiting in terms of which devices it can power.

Oon power strip outlets are 125V AC/1250 watts and polarized for safety. They are available in wood with all white accents, as well as with white-slate-black and white-green-blue accents.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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