NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar

By: on December 11, 2013

See, ladies, why waste time exacting revenge upon your ex-boyfriend when you could be spending it pursuing one of these hot transportation professionals as your new boyfriend? The 2014 NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar is out and, if I do say so myself as a purely heterosexual (and strapping male), it is mag-nificent.

Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin have created this monthly pictorial of vigor and virility to benefit University Settlement, the nation's oldest outreach program for immigrant and working individuals and families, based in New York City's Lower East Side. Each year the settlement serves over 30,000 people with basic services like quality education, housing, literacy programs, and calendars of the city's sultriest taxi drivers. Yasar is so sexy he made the cover and won a month on the inside.

In an effort to promote tolerance, the 2014 cabbie calendar also includes unicorn representation.

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This Book Is a Planetarium

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This Book Is a Planetarium picks up right where your homemade eclipse viewer skills left off. You don't even need an empty Rice Krispies box or aluminum foil. Kelli Anderson's collection of functional doohickies are all...

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Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar

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On the one hand, we don't really need 2013 calendars since we're probably not going to live to see 2013, but on the other hand, the Year of the Dead calendar brims with extremely hot and voluptuous zombie ladies in lingerie...

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The Dragon Sex Calendar

I can't believe it! Just yesterday I was thinking about cartoon sex--albeit between people, not dragons--and today I find a whole calendar of cartoon sex stills! And you know what: I think the thinking thinks even better...

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What? Perpetual Calendar Watch

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It should be called the What's Up? Watch because that's exactly what this connected hybrid does: tells you what's up. There's your standard analog time circling the What? face all simple and modern, with nice hash marks...

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Gin & Whisky Advent Calendars

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Do you see what it says on one of the drams in the Gin Advent Calendar?! Professor Cornelius! Professor Cornelius Impleforth! I can't stop laughing! Partly due to the thought of my friend Cornelius being a professor...

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Cityscape Rings

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Take your lady on a trip to Paris this year. Or maybe Stockholm. Edinburgh. New York. I hear Charleston is nice. Or if leaving town isn't in the budget, bring the great cities of the world to her...finger. Ola Shekhtman...

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A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

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A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches is kind of like PornBurger meets a neurotic New York chef. Tyler Kord owns and operates NYC's No. 7 restaurant and No. 7 Sub shops. His sandwiches look delicious. His mind looks...

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Whisky Advent Calendar

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The holidays. A season of (incredibly long and growing longer) buildup. Of personal reflection. Of getting comprehensively sloshed and drowning the sorrows generated by such a long flippin' buildup and the unhappy outcome...

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Chrono-Shredder Calendar and Clock

Chrono-Shredder is a clock, a calendar, a reminder that those who sit at home and simply watch time go by have lives filled with nothing but growing piles of shit on the floor. Poetic, no? Susanna Hertrich combines machine...

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Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2012


I don't think The Chippendales are in any danger, but the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar is certainly a good alternative. And you can display it proudly when Mom and Dad come over, or just make a quick switch before they arrive....

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Perpetual Calendar

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Oh, here's a desktop accessory I would knock over at least 5 times a day. It's called the Perpetual Calendar...of Frustration...and its duo of magnetic balls slide right and left and round and round to keep track of the...

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NYC Subway Tights

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NYC Subway Map Tights address two male quandaries. 1) Being lost on the streets of New York and not wanting to ask for directions. 2) Coming up with something non-douchebaggy to say after getting caught staring at a smokin'...