Mojio Car Monitoring & Smart Tracking System

Posted: October 06, 2015
Mojio Car Monitoring & Smart Tracking System
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Mojio is a sort-of mechanic and sort-of babysitter for your car. So I guess it's more like a vehicular personal assistant. Or your mama. The Mojio car monitoring and smart tracking system plugs into most any post-1996 car's On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port, where it analyzes and transmits a constant feed of app-based information about your car's health and whereabouts to your smartphone.

That said, Mojio doesn't want to be confused with another smartphone "accessory". While it does communicate with phones (or tablets, smart watches, etc.) it is not dependent on them/a Bluetooth connection for functionality. Mojio is a 3G+GPS device, so it doesn't need to be in range of your phone to send data, and using it won't drain your phone's battery. Using 3G cellular it will keep you and your car connected regardless of how far apart you are. Note: Mojio purchase includes one year of data.

Obviously this perpetual car-driver contact would come in handy if your car got stolen. So too might you be grateful for the location beacon in a giant parking lot, strange city, or hazy mornings when you wake up wondering, "Dude, where's my car?" Additionally, Mojio monitors car health and general status. It analyzes VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) and uses car make, model, and year of production to provide maintenance advice. If something goes wrong, the Mojio Gauge function also attempts to diagnose the problem, or at least tell you when it's time to take your pride & joy in. The system tracks general analytics too, including trip mileage, duration, and fuel costs, plus "events" such as sudden brake depressions and accelerations--the latter to help you "learn about your driving habits."

At printing, many reviewers admired the Mojio concept and intent, but felt the company needs third-party help in developing apps that will make the system more robust and, well, useful. Mojio itself says as much too, albeit in more PR-spun words, on its website when it calls the platform "an ever-expanding ecosystem of mobile apps for our community of drivers," and notes that, "Together, we're making your car more and more like your smartphone."

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