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By: on May 12, 2014
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The problem with not filling up until your gas light comes on isn't that you're being carelessly dangerous or unwittingly living on the edge, it's that sometimes you get stuck inside ginormous gridlocked clusterclucks that were entirely beyond your control and the 15.7 miles you thought you had to get to a gas station has suddenly dwindled to 0. Traffic jams, weather, broken gauges, emergencies, and sure sometimes carelessness still lead to the type of complete gas tank drainage that Magic Tank Emergency Fuel aims to help remedy.

A half-gallon jug of non-flammable gasoline derivative, Magic Tank can be stored safely for up to 10 years in cars and trucks, and then hauled out to save the day if the needle hits E. The patented liquid works just like gasoline, but without the spark-sensitive properties of its counterpart. Magic Tank contains no volatile butanes, pentane, hexanes, or heptanes, and therefore carries no fire/explosion hazard when kept in vehicle trunks. In fact, the emergency fuel will actually extinguish the flame of a burning match if poured over it.

So what properties enable Magic Tank to function like the gasoline it is not? Its manufacturers note that even when a vehicle is out of gas to the point it stops running, some residual fuel remains in the line at the bottom of the tank. Magic Tank Emergency Fuel pushes this residual conventional gasoline into the vehicle's engine, enabling a driver to start it, and then continue using the Magic Fuel compound to keep it running to the nearest filling station.

Some Magic Tank questions and answers:

Is Magic Tank going to F up my engine or peripheral components?

Negative. The concoction contains nothing that isn't already in ordinary gasoline, except the compounds that are flammable and themselves able to harm engines. The Emergency Fuel is lead-free and has a premium octane rating of at least 91.

What mileage per gallon does Magic Tank provide?

Gallon per gallon, the same as gasoline. So depending on what type of gas guzzler is getting fed Magic Tank, anywhere from 8 to 35 miles per gallon. (Note: remember that Magic Tank is sold by the half gallon.)

Magic Tank Emergency Fuel saved my car and my sanity. Did it murder Mother Nature in the process?

Yes. But no more than running a car or truck on a daily basis does. Magic Tank is BIO Safe and adheres to BIO Safety protocols. It has also been tested and approved by: the EPA; the DOT; and the National Fire Protection Association.

Magic Tank Emergency fuel is a Dude Gift for Dad and Gift for the Garage pick.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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