Luna Intelligent Mattress Cover

Posted: February 11, 2015
$199 - $229
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Luna describes itself as "the world's first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart." And it does it all in 2 minutes. Almost as fast as I myself do things in bed.

Sort of a combination between an electric blanket and a wearable, the Luna slides over existing mattresses and pairs with an app on your smartphone or tablet to give you total, remote control of certain bedtime preferences intended to help you go the F to sleep. And if you still can't fall into REM stage or awake feeling refreshed, Luna's sleep tracking system will provide you with insights as to why.

The specifics of Luna's primary features are as follows.

Personalized Temperatures. Dual-zone technology gives couples the option to set different temperatures for each side of the bed. In addition, Luna independently learns your regular bedtime and sets your mattress to a comfortable temperature.

Advanced Sleep Tracking. Luna tracks the quality of your sleep throughout the night, and sends data on sleep phases, heart rate, and breathing rate to its app. Without requiring you to wear a bracelet or complex piece of headgear to bed. Combining the "knowledge" it accrues about your nights with information you input about your day, Luna will develop sleep recommendations.

Smart Alarm. Yep, a full-body alarm clock. The Luna mattress cover has a built-in smart alarm that detects your Baby-Bear-just-right moment of lightest sleep (i.e., highest energy level), and wakes you up then to help eliminate groggy mornings and marathon snooze sessions.

The Luna mattress cover is currently available for pre-order in Queen, King, and California King sizes. Anticipated delivery date is August 2015.

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