Ltd Tools Smoking Pipes

By: on May 03, 2015
  • Ltd Tools Smoking Pipes
  • Ltd Tools Smoking Pipes
  • Ltd Tools Smoking Pipes
  • Ltd Tools Smoking Pipes
$120 - $135
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The Ltd Tools mission statement: "To make the nicest pipes on the planet." I guess the truth in that goal is all personal taste before you're high, and not really worth taking the trouble to think about after you're high, but to Ltd Tools "the nicest" means abandoning wood carving, glass blowing, and clay molding in favor of tight engineering, tireless prototyping, and hunks of stainless steel. And while I haven't used the Ltd Safety Pipe or Multi-Chamber Pipe myself, I do find them pleasing to my eyes. Plus, since they look more like multi-tools than accessories to the inhalation of marijuana, they could be a good choice for the stealthy smokers out there.

They could also be a good choice for the smokers who want a pipe that's going to last a while. Like, at least 200 years. Ltd Tools' pipes are fabricated to be virtually indestructible, with estimated lifespans in the centuries so you can pass them down through the generations along with your genetic predisposition to toking up. The pipes should be both easy to clean and easy to grip in all weather conditions, and while wearing gloves.

Ltd Tools engraves the serial number "122436"--and nothing else--on all of their pipes. This gives owners a direct route to the Ltd Tools website (122436.com will take you there) but keeps it somewhat hidden to unknowing parties. Uh...until now, I guess.

The Ltd Tools Safety Pipe, an oblong design that follows the contours of a money clip, is so named for its hidden release mechanism. The release prevents accidental (or attempted) opening by unwanted third parties, such as children or your mama. It measures 3.32" long x 1.16" wide and has a 0.625" diameter chamber.

The Multi-Chamber Pipe features a quad of 0.5" diameter chambers around its wheel. A pair of spinning lids select which chamber to open and seal contents when the pipe is not in use. It measures 3.79" long x 1.07" wide.

Muchas danke to Cool Material.