Kinkoo 6-Port High Speed USB Charging Station

Posted: January 06, 2018
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Oooh, a sextet of high-speed USB chargers on top of one another? Sounds Kinkoo. Each of the USBs in the Kinkoo 40W 6-port charging station outputs a speedy 2.4 amps, and an overall total of 8 amps. Ports can also intelligently identify what type of device you've plugged in, and adjust their current to accommodate it. And though it wold be kind of bulky, if you want to take the Kinkoo charging station on a trip, it is capable of handling either 100v or 240v.

In addition to Apple or Android smartphones, the Kinkoo 6-Port High Speed USB Charging Station is compatible with 5V USB-charged devices including Kindle e-readers, Bluetooth headphones, fitness bands and smart watches, cameras, and portable speakers.

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