Illoom Balloons

By: on January 15, 2014
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Oompa Loompas don't need brooms, they use Illoom Balloons to zoom o'er the moon.

I just made that up.

Pulitzer, please.

In their full spectrum of self-illuminating colors, Illoom Balloons enhance a full spectrum of festive atmospheres: from kiddie birthday parties to Halloween bashes; and outdoor cocktail soirees to molly-packed raves. Pull their tabs before inflating with air or helium and the balloons will glow brilliant LED-lit hues for hours. Maybe even days if they feel their revelers can keep up with them.

The pictured Illoom Balloons sell in a variety pack of 15. Recommended safe use is for children ages 3 and up.

A lonely girl with a balloon in tow
Cried she wanted a healthy glow
So I said, "Hold on tight,"
And I shoved in...a light
"It's an Illoom Balloon--off you go!"

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Bunch O Balloons - 100 Water Balloons in 1 Minute

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Nevermind where can I get some Bunch O Balloons, the better question is where can I get two kids as calm, as pleasant, and as capable of doing heavy manual labor as the pair in the video? Did you see that little blonde...

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Fiber Optics Bedspread

$485 from LumiGram »

How do you say Shazaaam! in the interior decorating world? I bet my mama wouldn't get so mad at my dad for wanting to put the electric blanket on the bed starting around September 15th every year if their electric blanket...

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Lumus Ring

$99 - $130 from Kickstarter »

We've seen rings lined with whiskey barrels, dinosaur bone, and escape tools. But never before has there been one lined with Laser Luminance. Lumus Rings are titanium or carbon fiber outer bands

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Dino Bioluminescent Plankton Sphere

$59 from Amazon »

If you're too mature to display BioPop's Dino Pet on your desk...or just frustrated that your kids keep stealing it...here's a more sophisticated objet d'art containing the same glowing blue dinoflagellates. If you haven't...

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iPhone Rear Apple Glow Mod

$100 from iPatch »

Get ready to radioactivate your iPhone. British iPhone "enabler" iPatch is set to release a glow modification for the rear apple on iPhone 4S models within the month. That means incoming calls, texts, alarms, and other...

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Skyballs - Helium Filled Superballs

Sold Out from Amazon »

What I want to know is, if my friend Gary uses brute muscular force to bounce one helium-and-compressed-air-filled Skyball to its peak height of 75 feet, and my other friend Mitch drops a second Skyball from a balcony...

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Russian Roulette for Amateurs

$12.97 from Amazon »

Since most of us would rather be wet than dead, this water balloon variation on Russian Roulette is likely to generate a bit more participation and enthusiasm as a try-your-luck party game than its bullet-based counterpart....

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Glowing Toilet Paper

$12.04 from Amazon »

Who could use a radioactive mummy costume for Halloween? An exclamation point on your next toilet-tissue-themed prank? A beacon lighting the way to your Shit Box?...

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Giant Inflatable Balloon Animal Dog

Sold Out from Amazon »

Yeah, I have no idea why that lady is super pissed and flipping Fatboy's Big Dog the bird in the one photo, and then is lounging all smiles and cuddles with it in the others. But that's women for you. The bigger-than-life...

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ZORBZ Self-Sealing Water Balloons

$5.73 from Amazon »

Don't want to wait 19 months, or whatever the current ETA for Bunch O Balloons is? Get an instant water balloon fix with ZORBZ latex bombs. You won't be able to pump up 3 dozen of them at once, but the balloons' self-sealing...

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Sky Lanterns

$11 - $87.32 from Amazon »

Welcome to The Beach. Our waters and sky lanterns are glorious, but mind our sharks and drug lords. These delicate paper fliers, most notably featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio film, are Asian in origin but travel all...

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The NanoBlimp

Sold Out from Amazon »

Admittedly, when I think "dogfight", the next words that pop into my head aren't typically "helium balloons". However, I am learning to be more creatively minded. For example, I recently applied cream cheese to my all-beef...