HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

Posted: September 04, 2015
HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

The HoodiePillow. Part sleep mask, part musical cocoon, part hostage hood, all cozy shroud of respite. Slip into one and block out the stresses of the day, plus the glowing cable box lights trying to infiltrate your good night's sleep. Or good morning's sleep-in.

The HoodiePillow calls itself "the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience." I love enhanced lounging experiences. Along with its plush pillow cover and attached darkness-summoning drawstring hood, the case contains earbud/headphone cord portholes and a pocket for securing musical devices. Made of premium sweatshirt material, you have your choice of HoodiePillow in colors Blue, Black, Gray, or Red.

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