Happy to See You Naked Card

By: on January 17, 2012
Happy to See You Naked Card
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Ladies, the answer to your age-old question, "What are you thinking about?" has materialized in greeting card format. 78% of the time you query your man about his internal musings, this is the perpetual, 14-word loop running through his head. Now, instead of repeating the question when you're feeling happy, sad, anxious, vulnerable, pissed off, insecure, bored, dreamy, and horny, you can simply look at this darling, hand-printed message, and feel fairly* confident that you know.

*There is the remaining 22% possibility that he's thinking: A) "I wish I could see Allie the cheese girl at Whole Foods Naked," B) "I wonder how many nachos I can eat before I get gas bad enough to preclude my getting laid," or C) "Sometimes I wish you were like that guy from Today's Special who turns into a non-talking mannequin when someone takes his hat off." In those cases, you will wish you hadn't asked, so best to stick with the greeting card, and bask in the 78%.