Handmade Star Wars Pipes

Posted: November 22, 2017
Handmade Star Wars Pipes

These handmade Star Wars pipes probably aren't officially licensed by Lucasfilm, but I sure bet they've got Yoda's stamp of approval. And check it out: you have a choice not only of a Yoda pipe actively partaking in some "tobacco enjoyment," but also of a Yoda pipe making a (surely head-scratcher of a) speech, one looking extra glassy-eyed, or the Jedi Grand Master so totally stoned that Luke Skywalker has to give him a piggyback.

The pipes are formed and paint by hand, and vary in size from 3-1/2" to 6" tall. Their bowls are made from real coconut, which the seller says have a free-flowing, clog-free design.

Per drug paraphernalia regulations, the Star Wars pipes do not contain carbs or screens, and cannot be sold to anyone under 18.

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