Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat

Posted: July 11, 2015
Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat
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I like sleeping under the covers. Always. No matter the conditions I need at least a sheet serving as a barrier between the Sandman and my bare ass. The problem with this is that I always wake up with wet hair and a sweat-soaked pillow when summer rolls in its roasting temperatures, or whenever I eat, say, a full rack of ribs with some curly fries and wash it down with a 6-pack right before bed. The Gel'O Cool Mat is a nice remedy for me, and anyone else who regularly gets hot and bothered...in a bad way...in the bedroom.

The 11" x 22" Gel'O Cool Mat is designed to sit on top, or just inside the case of your existing pillow, where its soft gel insides can absorb and channel heat away from your head. This roundup and dispersal of excess heat has a cooling effect without the use of electricity/batteries or messy ice/water. The Gel'O Cool Mat is also wider than most other similar mats on the market; its spans the entire width of your pillow so you won't have to maintain the same sleeping position all night to feel its effect.

Gel'O mats can also be refrigerated or microwaved for additional therapeutic effects. If the photos are to be believed, pouty boxers love them too!

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