Garage Beacon Smartphone Door Opener

Posted: December 28, 2014
Garage Beacon Smartphone Door Opener

The Garage Beacon claims to turn your smartphone into an automatic garage door remote. I think this is a pretty good idea. Because I remember driving places with my grandpa when I was boy of 5 or 6. I'd sit in the car and he'd go heave up the garage door. Then he'd back out. Then I'd sit in the car and he'd go heave the door back down. Then--finally!--we would be on our way to the Ponderosa buffet. Even at such a young age I was able to make the very astute observation that the disproportionate amount of time and effort it took us to get out of the driveway was complete bullshit.

Of course it wasn't so long after that they came out with automatic garage door openers. Whose controllers, to this day, work great for about a hundred uses. Then the buttons get all gunked up with finger grease and Cheetos dust and you end up sitting in the car banging on them for 5 minutes as you move your hand through various heights and positions trying to connect to the opening mechanism's receiver. It's the same disproportionate amount of time and effort. The same old bullshit.

Presuming the Garage Beacon functions as stated, the days of decrepit, compromised, or temperamental remotes are over. The system first syncs with a smartphone in a few seemingly simple steps. At that time, a master Open Sesame password is selected. Then the little square Beacon box and its pair of wires install in your door opener in a few more seemingly simple steps. (See instructions here.) Once in place, either your password activates the opening/closing of the door, or you can set the Garage Beacon to open automatically when your phone is in range. In addition, the system allows for granting temporary PIN codes to friends and family so they can access your garage (or house) without a remote or key.

The Garage Beacon functions in tandem with a Garage Beacon app, available in the App Store or from Google Play.

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