Galactic Cap Just-the-Tip Condom

By: on June 02, 2014
$5 - $100
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"The Galactic Cap is a condom men will want to wear and their partners will love. A better alternative, it will increase condom use and promote healthier sex." Want to wear? Partners will love? Well. Considering this just-the-tip contraceptive hasn't actually been released or FDA-approved yet, we'll see about that. We will just see about that.

Charles Powell created the Galactic Cap in response to the call for a male contraceptive that males won't bitch about or, in some cases, refuse to wear. While not perfect--the Cap's tip-only coverage cannot protect against certain STIs, such as HPV--the Cap does claim to address 4 primary condom shortfalls:

  1. Lack of sensitivity.
  2. Frustration of unwrapping and application.
  3. 15% to 18% contraceptive failure rate.
  4. Terminology. "Condom", after all, is kind of a dumb name for a penis coat, but "Galactic Cap" is an F'ING AWESOME name for a futuristic-looking penis hat.

The 2-part Galactic Cap system includes an adhesive base, which can be applied well in advance of sexy time. Not that this sounds particularly appealing, but days early even, as you can shower and pee and go about your normal non-penetration business with the base in place. The second Galactic Cap component, the cap, attaches to the base with a different high-tech adhesive, and creates a tight seal when scoring is imminent. Together, the parts still only cover the very tip of the penis, rather than the full shaft.

Galactic Caps run as an Indiegogo campaign through July 1, 2014. While most backer pledges will go towards further development and getting the FDA to say, "Aye, Aye" to Captain Galactic, those especially eager to try out a prototype can slide a sample on around December 2014 for a $100 pledge. If all goes well, Powell anticipates his Galactic Caps will descend as a full-on contraceptive army around January 2017.

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Bimek SLV - The Sperm Switch (NSFW)

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Condoms or Dr. Snip. It's slim pickin's for dudes in the contraception department. And condoms are kinda lame due to the whole desensitization thing. And a vasectomy is kinda lame due to the whole sterilization thing....

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i.Con Smart Condom Penis Tracker

British Condoms' i.Con isn't the first sexual fitness tracker to make the rounds in the UK--back in 2014 Bondara teased, but then never released the SexFit. At printing, i.Con was doing the same. Teasing your eager overachiever...

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Bacon Condoms

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Bill Gates, you put out an open call. You asked for the "next generation" in condoms. A design that will revolutionize safe sex practices by making the peen sheaths more desirable to wear. Men and birth control in third...

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Shibari Lube Launcher

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The Shinbari Lube Launcher. XL. In blue. That's seven-and-a-half inches of long and strong silicone jelly (or even, according to one reviewer, organic coconut oil) reservoir ready to facilitate pleasure and alleviate...

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Go F Yourself Condom Card

$9.99 - $12.99 from FunnyCondoms.com »

I can think of many people to whom I'd like to send a Go F Yourself card (complete with packaged condom for carrying out the act!) but one dude stands out like a glowing beacon bobbing amidst the sea of the rest. How...

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Poundtown Condom

In case there was any confusion, Poundtown Condom vendor Say It with a Condom specifies this particular latex shroud is for "anyone who's a Poundtown regular, or is coming for the first time." Haha, get it? There are...

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I Will Not Be Your Father Condom

Nice. A condom to carry my message to all the unborn children in the world. Attention would-be zygotes! I WILL NOT BE YOUR FATHER!...

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SOS Boxer Briefs with Condom Pocket

Nothing tells your date, I was pretty sure I'd get lucky tonight, like a sexy pair of boxer briefs. With a built-in condom pocket. Hidden with great metaphor behind a lifesaver stitched to the right thigh. Ah, the only...

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One-Handed Condom Wrapper

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Novelty Condom Cases

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I don't know if these condom cases are for dudes or ladies, but I do know they're for condoms. Two big fat ones, according to their LA-based artist Jamila Starwater. She also calls them a "great ice-breaker and conversation...

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Condom Wrapper Mouse Pad

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If you're not using a condom while surfing the Internet, you're gonna get pregs. Listen, I know you think it's not gonna happen to you, but sometimes you get carried away with a good video and before you know it, you're...

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The Oklahoman - Tornado Relief Aid Condom


All proceeds from the Oklahoman condom will benefit disaster relief efforts in the tornado-struck areas of Moore, OK, and all uses of the Oklahoman condom will benefit disaster prevention efforts in the tornado-a-brewin'...