Fresh Wave Odor Removing Crystal Gel

Posted: September 14, 2017
Fresh Wave Odor Removing Crystal Gel
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My mama gave me a jar of this Fresh Wave Odor Removing Crystal Gel, I guess because she thinks my house stinks. Hey, it's not me, it's the cat. And maybe She-Ra: Princess of Power. I smell like sugar and pumpkin spice and everything nice, thanks to my Native deodorant. But Zanzibar and She-Ra - that's some tuna fish mixed with excessively-scented girl products there.

The good thing about Fresh Wave Crystal Gel is that it sucks up and neutralizes bad smells rather than just covering them with a "good" smell. I can vouch for this, especially as it pertains to pet and food odors. Now I like a good curry. But I do not like eating curry until my gut starts leaking, and then waking up at 3 a.m. to sprint to the bathroom, only to inhale the scent of curry as strong as it was wafting up from my plate a few hours ago on my way. And trying to outdo the curry scent with an Ocean Breeze candle or Apple Cinnamon pot pourri just bastardizes it into a cloud of stench that makes me want to barf as bad as I need to sh-...well, you probably get it.

Set a Fresh Wave Crystal Gel container in a corner or on any flat surface and it will absorb your odors for 30 to 90 days, depending on ambient air flow. Use it in the kitchen, basement, garage, and near litter boxes. Another plus: the odor removing gel is chemical- in addition to fragrance-free.

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