Fouch on the Couch Throw Pillow

Posted: May 09, 2020
Fouch on the Couch Throw Pillow

Tony is here on a pillow finally I guess after studying and doing medical school for so long. It must be strange to be an anonymous doctor, then all of a sudden make it onto a pillow out of nowhere. Like, this guy was practically doing nothing a couple months ago and now he is going to be on every couch in this country if my instincts are correct on this product.

My wife averages 5 new pillows per week, and I also use pillows close to 20 hours a day. So, to consider me an expert on pillows is correct. If you're not sold by the smiling octogenarian with movie star teeth...this pillow is made of fabric with a linen feel. Sounds very nice. If you're inclined to look for zippers, don't bother. This one is hidden.

Happy humping.

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