Facebook Reminder Birthday Card

By: on November 01, 2011
  • Facebook Reminder Birthday Card
  • Facebook Reminder Birthday Card
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This is one of those "It's funny 'cause it's true" jokes, isn't it? However, there are two inherent problems with its marketability. 1) Any sender who would get the joke would never take the time to obtain a mailing address, purchase a stamp, and physically place a greeting card in a mailbox when s/he can simply type "Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!" on the would-be recipient's Wall. 2) Any recipient who would get the joke would never actually get the card anyway because s/he hasn't bothered to check the non-electronic mailbox since March. But, hey, it's about time Facebook made the leap from the internet to the printed word--if it's going to achieve world domination, followed shortly thereafter by international scorn, and, ultimately, descent into oblivion, it can't limit itself to a single medium. That's why J.Lo became a singer, Taylor Swift made a perfume, and Robert Pattinson will soon endorse a line of Edward Cullen blow-up dolls.

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The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever

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Now my favorite birthday gifts come in the form of a Peeping Creeper at the bedroom window or talking an amateur heavyweight UFC fighter into accusing my friend Cornelius of sleeping with his girlfriend, but if you're...

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Batman Party Invitations


Set the tone for your super party with some super invitations. No envelope needed! When you open the bat covered flaps the invitation is inside. Constructed from high quality cardstock, the invitations are quite sturdy...

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Wish Clips - Candle Holders for Drinks

$9.99 from Wish Clips »

Happy birthday, ya big lush! Wish Clips, candle holders that slip onto the rims of drink glasses, offer a simpler, more subtle, and cakeless way for thirsty adults celebrating a birthday or other special event to make...

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Cybertecture Mirror

The Cybertecture Mirror allows us to gaze simultaneously upon the two things we like gazing upon best: the Internet and ourselves. A glass reflection of both beatific mugs, and streaming Web content, the futuristic mirror...

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Edible Chocolate Candles

$9.99 from Vat 19 »

Edible Chocolate Candles are for when some little guy...or some little guy's Auntie She-Ra's boyfriend...gets a little too zealous about diving into the double chocolate with chocolate fudge and chocolate cookie crumbles...

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Fos Wearable Bluetooth Display Patch


Fos: It's an LED safety patch for pedestrians and bikers. Fos: It's a light grid programmable wirelessly through your smartphone to display video, graphics, or text. Fos: It's everything people post on Facebook about...

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Honest Monk Postcards

$5.45 from Honest Monk »

It's not just that Honest Monk makes funny, frank postcards. It's also that they will send them to your desired recipient anonymously. Yep, just like WTF Prank Candles, but with an instant payoff. Know someone who sucks...

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Instaprint Photo Booth

$399 from Instaprint »

Instaprint is a location-based photo booth for printing hard copies of Instagrams. Combining the nostalgic spirit of Polaroids, with the 21st century technology of social media, Instaprint uses a microbial workforce and...

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Birthday Drink Floating Candle

$6.60 from Amazon »

As a prelude to presenting your favorite birthday boy or girl with The Joker card and a prank candle that burns 25% apple pie and 75% dirty fart, bring out a nice pint of beer or glass of wine with this floating birthday...

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Lit Joint Birthday Candles

$10.37 from Amazon »

Generally the joint comes first then the birthday cake gets shoveled down your gullet like you just got back from an unplanned 3 day excursion in the woods. Great novelty gift for all of your stoner friends or progressive...

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Emoticon Calendar

$12 from Etsy »

On the whole, emoticons are not my favorite addition to the human sphere of communication. However, one time I really wanted to break things off with this girl and was dragging my feet about it for like a month until...

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Bacon Frosting

$9.95 from Amazon »

It's been two weeks since we last spotlighted a historically unlikely, but--given the current state of global madness--now entirely predictable food staple flavored with bacon. Bust out the red velvet sponge and cream...