Facebook Reminder Birthday Card

Posted: November 01, 2011
  • Facebook Reminder Birthday Card
  • Facebook Reminder Birthday Card
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This is one of those "It's funny 'cause it's true" jokes, isn't it? However, there are two inherent problems with its marketability. 1) Any sender who would get the joke would never take the time to obtain a mailing address, purchase a stamp, and physically place a greeting card in a mailbox when s/he can simply type "Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!" on the would-be recipient's Wall. 2) Any recipient who would get the joke would never actually get the card anyway because s/he hasn't bothered to check the non-electronic mailbox since March. But, hey, it's about time Facebook made the leap from the internet to the printed word--if it's going to achieve world domination, followed shortly thereafter by international scorn, and, ultimately, descent into oblivion, it can't limit itself to a single medium. That's why J.Lo became a singer, Taylor Swift made a perfume, and Robert Pattinson will soon endorse a line of Edward Cullen blow-up dolls.

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