Evoke - Induction Powered Vaporizer

By: on December 07, 2016
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The story of an induction powered vaporizer: A fine-woods craftsman, an electrical engineer, and a super-conducting computing PhD physicist walk into a bar. The wood craftsman sits down and says, "Bartender, give me something that looks like nature. Something organic that feels intuitive to hold." The electrical engineer says, "Bartender, give me something balanced, something with a kick that still goes down smooth." The super-conducting computing PhD physicist says, "Bartender, give me something that will get me high. With a magnetic field, if possible. And, hey, what's your name, by the way?"

The bartender's name is Evoke.

Evoke sells itself as the first smart vaporizer powered by induction heating. Like a cooktop. Built with an induction core, Evoke creates a small magnetic field to warm its metal heater, which in turn brings your chosen smokable--aromatic blends, concentrates, or e-liquids--to temperature evenly on all sides and centers. The result, according to Loto Labs (i.e., the 3 guys in the bar who created Evoke), is consistent vapor that's smoother than Barry White slipping a maitre d' a $20.

The Evoke vaporizer comes with 3 different styles of capsule to house each of its 3 accepted smoking materials. It can heat up to 700 degrees (though the temperature max will be limited for safety), and you'll be able to customize heat settings and vaping experiences from your smartphone using the Evoke app.

The Evoke body is made of a custom aluminum alloy and fitted with an all glass airpath and medical grade ceramic mouthpiece. The wood veneer that distinguishes its aesthetic is an African Sapele in the induction vape's promo photos. This could change based on what's available during production runs, a major one of which should be complete by Q1 2017.

At printing the Evoke was available for preorder. Each purchase comes with the vaporizer, plus a charger, battery, and 6 capsules (2 for each material).

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