Electric Heated Fleece Travel Blanket

Posted: January 19, 2015
Electric Heated Fleece Travel Blanket
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This past weekend I had a horrifying experience with the elements. It was 37 degrees outside, a veritable monsoon was falling from the sky, it was accompanied by gale force winds of at least 972 mph, and I was stuck in it. For, I mean, I don't how long. At least 7 minutes. When I was finally able to drag myself, haggard and soaking wet, out of the terror of Mother Nature and into the safe bosom of My Mama's House, all I wanted was an electric blanket and a hug.

But a magnificent sheath of heated fleece I had not. And instead of embracing and consoling me, my mama told me to grow the F up and stop dripping on her white carpet.

So I drank half a bottle of Maker's Mark instead.

This electric heated fleece blanket may be even better than the one I didn't have on Saturday, though, because it is intended to save the day at the source. With a 12-volt power attachment it plugs easily into a car's cigarette lighter to deliver cozy warmth when you get stranded on the road, get hit by an unmanageable downpour while camping, or just don't want to shell out for a hotel room during road trips. The blanket is made of 100% super-soft polyester fleece and measures 58" x 42", with a 7' fused power cord. A safety timer with auto shut-off on the controller ensures no one's blanky ends up lighting the car on fire.

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