Drop Stop - Car Seat Gap Filler

Posted: January 26, 2016
Drop Stop - Car Seat Gap Filler
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Sometimes crack kills. Other times it sucks your phone, coins, parking validations, and Boom Chicka Popcorn into the black hole that is the space underneath your seat. At best, it forces blind digging and awkward arm contortions. At worst, it holds a chunk of your kid's chicken nugget hostage indefinitely, letting nothing escape but the aroma of rotting bird. Shark Tankers Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon conquer what they call this "Carmuda Triangle" with the Drop Stop, a universal car seat gap filler.

Drop Stops, sold in sets of 2, have built-in slots that attach to the seatbelt catch and create a solid plane between the door and the edge of the cushion. The fillers are made of high-grade neoprene with expansion / contraction properties to enable them to fit most vehicles and gap sizes currently sucking up your belongings. Once in place, Drop Stops should require no readjustment or reinstallation, even when you need to move your seat.

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