Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper

Posted: September 09, 2019
Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper
$359.99 - $599.99
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Being just another cog Octaspring in the machine might be inglorious work from an enterprising 8-sided foam spring's perspective, but from an enterprising mattress company like Dormeo's, the collective effort of their mattress topper's workers in action is going to Octaspring-board you into a supported and restful night's sleep.

At anywhere from half to a quarter of the cost of a whole new mattress.

Dormeo says its memory foam mattress topper's internal rows of Octasprings stem from aerospace technology. The vented foam springs have 3D flexibility to move and adapt to different bodies and movements during sleep, with the intent of evenly distributing weight over key problem areas, such as the back, hips, and shoulders. Octaspring cutout design also promotes airflow, with Dormeo touting 8 times more breathability and a 5-degree lower temperature with their Octavent air system than other memory foam mattress and toppers can provide.

Octaspring Mattress Toppers come in sizes to fit all mattresses, from Twin to California King.

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