Decapitated Horse Head Pillow Case

Posted: October 19, 2012
Decapitated Horse Head Pillow Case
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The Godfather. Like drinking beer with your bros, the phrase "That's what she said," and John Stamos, it never gets old. And now you too can play Don Corleone to your favorite (or most despised) Jack Woltz--minus the act of slaughtering a prized racing stud--with this spectacularly disturbing decapitated horse head pillowcase. Just imagine the shenanigans that could ensue as you sneak this morbid, easily portable rectangle of cotton and polyester into a slumbering target's bed chamber, and watch the next morning via hidden camera or video chat as they awake to the bloody horse gazing eyeball-lessly into their eyes.

Almost as creepy as Dude's latest giveaway, the Zombie Apocalypse Bed Set.

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