Darth Vader Grinder

Posted: March 02, 2017
Darth Vader Grinder
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Who'd-a thought Darth Vader could grind? It looks like the Dark Lord has added pulverizing your favorite herbs and spices with an Exorcist-caliber 360-degree spin of his head to existing his repertoire of menacing, saber battling, destroying, and using The Force. This handmade 2" grinder is made of aluminum and topped with a resin helmet. It looks to be a 3-piece production.

There's not a whole lot more information to be had on the most galactically empirical way for Rebel smokers to grind their weed, and Jedi chefs to grind their cumin and coriander seeds, but there is evidence that the same people who are making the Darth Vader Grinder are also doing Yoda Grinders and Stormtrooper Grinders. All 3 look pretty swell and solid, and come in a hard presentation box in case you need a Star Wars gift for your favorite stoner geek or culinary nerd.

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