Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

Posted: August 22, 2014
Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer
$249.99 - $299
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Guess who got a new vaporizer. That's right. My friend Victor. Victor's favorite thing about his Da Vinci Ascent is the following statement describing it: "Provides 3 hours of vaping for loose leaf, herbs & oils." Three hours. And, more importantly, it can handle solid-state greens (uh, such as kale and oregano, I presume) on top of infused oils.

Me though, my favorite thing about the Da Vinci Ascent since I'm still banned by my mama from smoking solid-state greens...such as kale and oregano...is the Da Vinci tagline: Vape Intelligently.

Made by Vegas-based Organicix, LLC--which proudly calls every one of its employees is an avid product tester as well--the Ascent not only looks slick and svelte, but also takes the title of first commercially available glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. Adding to its all-glass vapor path are a dual mouthpiece and digital functionality, plus 4 programmable OLED modes accessible via the device's center screen. Mode 1 switches the Ascent between Fahrenheit and Celsius, Mode 2 turns its heat bowl on and off, Mode 3 sets a motion sensor timer, and Mode 4 enables a Personal Vape Cycle. The latter enables users to adjust the vaporizer's heat bowl to run at a certain temperature for a specified period of time. Up to 3 different vape cycles can be programmed.

Da Vanci Ascent buyers, noted to range from scientists to porn stars (my two favorite professions!), receive the following items in their vaporizer packages:

  • 1 x Ascent Vaporizer
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece Stems
  • 2 x Glass Internal Stems
  • 2 x Glass Oil Jars
  • 1 x 110-240v Wall Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Satchel
  • 1 x Carrying case of your choice
  • 1 x 14mm or 18mm straight water tool adapter

Da Vinci Ascent vaporizer bundles are available in styles Stealth, Carbon Fiber, Burl Wood, Black Skulls, Croc Skin, and a Skulls Limited Edition. Vapers can also request a customized style to envelop their herb-and-oil gassifying sheath for an additional $50.

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