Crowned Skull Grinder

Posted: March 19, 2016
Crowned Skull Grinder
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As many weed grinder vendors are wont to do, LIHAO calls their Skull King a spice and coffee grinder. And for once I took a second to think about actually using it to grind spices and coffee. What a waste of a second. The only reason to use this thing is if you're using it to grind weeeeeeeeed!

The royal grinder's crown unscrews to reveal its gnashing teeth. During use, a soft insert slides between the crown to protect both its protrusions from breaking off and your hand from bleeding all over your nugget. And the king himself. Word is, all he needs is a single drop of blood to regenerate his flesh and skin, and if you're the stoner who brings him back to life, he'll force you to share your pot and buy him Taco Bell for the rest of yours.

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