Cardio First Angel CPR Device

By: on August 06, 2014
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I've heard the ideal rate at which to administer effective chest compressions when doing CPR is in accordance to the beat of "Stayin' Alive." But I wonder, what if you're not a Bee Gees fan? What if you could stomach singing and pounding out a Gibb ditty if you're life depended on it, but definitely not someone else's? Happily, thanks to the Cardio First Angel resuscitation device, that moral struggle is over. The simple tool is also good news for the rhythmically challenged and people who just want an accessible, surefire way to know they're doing CPR right.

Designed for inexperienced and experienced first aiders alike, the Cardio First Angel is a mechanical device intended to deliver the right amount of CPR pressure, in the right position, and at the right frequency. Without electricity or batteries. Its teardrop shape indicates where the Angel should be set on a recipient's sternum, and an internal clicking mechanism alerts the person giving CPR how firmly and often to apply pressure.

Once in place, the Cardio First Angel user presses on the device until s/he hears and feels a loud click, and then eases off until another loud click sounds. Repeating this process automatically produces the optimal massage pressure (90 pounds) and chest compression rate (80 to 120 compressions per minute.) I like that Angel also eliminates potential confusion about how to stack and entwine your hands for pulsing, which, for me, is like tying knots and card games: someone shows me how to do it, and then I forget 30 minutes later.

For additional support, Cardio First Angel has a set of clear, universal pictograms on its surface that demonstrate use. Weighing only 5 ounces, it serves as an easy addition to first aid kits and bug out bags.

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TheTouch Real-Time Heartbeat Rings

$599 - $2,990 from The Touch »

Want to feel close to a loved one far away? Or in the next room when it's too much work to get up off the couch? As part of their mission to "make the most personal connecting tools," TheTouch is finishing up development...

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$10 Million Human Regenerator for Anti-Aging

$557k - $10 million from The Human Regenerator »

Well, $10 million is the price for the super deluxe, diamond-encrusted model of The Human Regenerator. Bargain hunters who are OK with regenerating unsound cells, strengthening their immune systems, and enhancing skin...

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Motiv Ring - Fitness Tracker & Sleep Tracker

$199 from Motiv »

Say "I do" to Motiv and the ring will be your loyal fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor 'til death do you part. Day and night, at home or in the gym, even in the shower and pool. Even if you gain a...

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Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits

$180 - $2,250 from Mobilize Rescue Systems »

Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits wisely address a common conundrum of "being prepared": those of us who are down to accumulate and stow away gear, provisions, and medical supplies for emergencies, but who maybe...

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The Knee Defender

$21.95 from Gadget Duck »

Ye of long legs, take note: though the Knee Defender can't increase the amount of space you have within your sphere of airplane seat misery, it can prevent further reduction of the already minimal square footage. Comprised...

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YO Sperm Tester for Smartphones

$49.95 from YO »

They've had smartphone attachments that tell you whether or not you're sober enough to drive for years now, so it's only logical YO is coming out with one to tell you whether or not you're fertile enough to make babies....

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blk. - Black Bottled Water

$44.48 from Amazon »

We wondered too, but the answer is no. blk. black bottled water is not part of an SNL skit la black caulk or Colon Blow. It's a real artesian spring water from aquifers in Canada's Sandiland Forest Reserve. And it takes...

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Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

$499 from Naked »

All you metric-driven, body-conscious visual learners out there, it's time to get Naked. And anyone else intrigued by the idea of using regular 3D body scans to track health and fitness, you might want to give this full-length...

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The Fat Magnet

$2.40 from Amazon »

I know a lot of fat magnets. I bet you do too. Most of them look more like an ass in need of a run around the block than a reimagined dreidel though. But this Fat Magnet, the dreidel kind, is actually here to help the...

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ShapeScale 3D Body Scanner

$299 - $499 from ShapeScale »

ShapeScale says its 3D body scanner and fitness tracker is "like a magic mirror that allows you to time travel. See your present and past self from any angle." Hmmm, "magic mirror," huh? Something tells me my relationship...

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Sit & Decompress - The Ultimate Back Stretcher

$49.99 - $74.99 from Amazon »

Sex swing for your health! Naw, it's not a sex swing. I mean not officially. What you use it for is entirely up to you though. What Sit & Decompress developed their dangling doorway harness for is your spine. They call...

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OtoSet Automatic Ear Cleaning Headset

By: SafKan »

I doubt SafKan made its OtoSet to be the Beats headphones of earwax removal systems. But since finishing the last episode of The Defiant Ones, Beats headphones are all I see when I look at the world's first automated...