Burning Car Candle

Posted: July 06, 2012
Burning Car Candle
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Atypyk's description of the Burning Car Candle they peddle is pretty sparse. In fact, the only thing the vendor really says about it is "Have fun! (French tradition)." Which I find somewhat baffling because: 1) Many feelings come to mind when I envision lighting a car on fire, but I'm not sure "fun" really does any of them justice. 2) What exactly is the French tradition here? Burning car candles? Burning cars themselves (they are a feisty bunch, after all)? Or having fun? I almost hope it's the latter, because I could use a good laugh this afternoon. I mean, if having fun is a French tradition, then being warm and friendly must be a Russian one. And showing tolerance a German trait. Sobriety for the Irish, dwarfism for the Swedes, dental hygiene for the Brits, physical fitness for the Americans....

Anyway, if you want to have fun and light a waxen car on fire and somehow revel in French tradition, I've got a pretty cool-looking candle for you. Measurments are 7" x 2.8" x 2".

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